La importancia de las conversaciones

Ando atento a la publicación de The Talking Manager. He leído un libro anterior del mismo autor, Los próximos 30 años.

Creo que sabe transmitir ideas de una forma ilusionante y consigue que las hagas propias en poco tiempo.

Si escribiéramos menos mails y tomáramos más cerveza con los amigos o los empleados, seguramente nos iría mejor.

Recomiendo ver el vídeo-presentación del libro:

THE TALKING MANAGER Leading People Through Conversations from Alvaro González Alorda on Vimeo.

The quality of your leadership depends on the quality of your conversations. But in the last decade, the tendency to replace face-to-face conversations with e-mails has become an epidemic which is damaging relations between professionals and creating structural inefficiencies within companies.

If you want to inspire your team and your colleagues and arouse their enthusiasm, The Talking Manager will provide you with the keys and the tools that you need to improve the impact of your conversations.

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ÁLVARO GONZÁLEZ ALORDA is a professor of Innovation at ISEM Fashion Business School, an associate professor at Instituto de Empresa and a visiting professor in nine other business schools in Spain and America. He studied at the University of Navarra and at IESE, and completed a period of research at Harvard Business School. He is a specialist in innovation and in the transformation of companies. He has collaborated with more than ninety companies in eighteen countries. In addition to his lecturing, he works as a facilitator for management teams, as an international speaker and as a coach for managers. He is the author of the book Los próximos 30 años (Alienta, 2010).

Twitter: @agalorda



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